Summer Dresses

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These beautiful dresses are made using 100% cotton, cool for the summer and easily washable. They are reversible with a button fastening. As children love pockets I have added contrasting pockets on both the front and inside. These reversible dresses are lined with a contrasting fabric offering the choice of two dresses for the price of one!

These dresses are made to order and made to your specified size. When ordering I will require the desired length (measuring shoulder to knee) and desired width (measuring pit to pit) of the child.

Prices range from £20 - £25 depending on the size required.

Why not design your own beautiful summer dress. Choices of fabrics are pictured below. The floral fabrics work really well with spotty fabrics as a lining. Spotty fabrics come in any colour to contrast/match the floral designs below.

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daisy fabrics


 1. Daisies: Red, Navy, Green, Dark Pink and Light Pink     

2. Pink with cherries       
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3. Blue option:

(Spotty, Blue with cherries or Russian Dolls)

4. Yellow with cherries      
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5. Green options:

(Spotty, Green with pink flowers, Green with cherries)


6. Pink Funky Floral       
If the examples above are not what you are looking for, please do contact me as I am always sourcing new fabrics.